Monday, September 30, 2013

Three Month Anniversary

Anniversary's are happy times, joyous celbrations and often in connection with relationships. Well this past week on September 26th I celebrated my three month mission anniversary, and let me tell you I have never been in a more dedicated relationship with my purpose in life than I am right now serving a mission.
Like all relationships there are ups and downs, this was one of those weeks; but I am still in LOVE with missionary work and I am still developing my relationship with my Father in Heaven.
It rained a lot this week, and we didn't have a lot of set tracting it was! Tracting is not my favorite. I have seen very little success from it, and honestly I struggle with the whole getting doors shut in my face thing. But, my purpose is to bring others to Christ and when it is raining and there is no one outside to talk to, you go and knock on people's doors with faith that one or two of the twenty you knock on will open up and let you share the most important message on earth. Thankfully, Sister McFarlane and I were able to find two people that rainy day who expressed a desire to have us return and talk more about Jesus Christ. Only one of those two actually kept their appointment, BUT that one soul we found was worth wet shoes frizzy hair.
Then there are ups! Thursday night we taught our friend Lawrence. We taught him part of the plan of salvation, answering the questions: Where did I come from? and Why am I here? It was amazing to feel the Holy Ghost settle into the lesson and truly testify that God has a plan for us. That we were not just sent down to earth to wander aimlessly on our own. Then as we prepared to leave we asked Lawrence how he was feeling, in which he replied, "Well, y'all must be doing something right. I smoked my last cigarette on Sunday." Oh my goodness did my heart fly with joy as I quickly told Lawrence that him not smoking anymore had NOTHING to do with us, but EVERYTHING to do with our Heavenly Father!
Sunday was Ward Conference (where leaders of our church come and talk to the congregation) and I just love how the Lord speaks to me, even when I am far from home in a ward I am just a temporary member of. Temporary or not, I am a member of the ward and the Lord has things He needs me to know. In Ward Council (congregations leaders) we were taught by President Chase about how the Lord is hastening the work. Then in Relief Society (women's organization) President Chase spoke to us again. He had us read in Philippians 4:6-7. In verse six it says "let your requests be made known unto God." And my whole soul felt at peace. Peace because I have been wondering whether or not my asking to be able to leave by October 17th 2013 was a righteous desire or selfish; but this verse put my whole heart, mind, and soul at ease as I came to realize Heavenly Father wants me in Brisbane as much I as want to be there. As long as I work my hardest here in Georgia, I will be able to get to Brisbane by October 17th. I have faith in that, because I know Heavenly Father is hearing my prayers and all the prayers of those who are praying with me to get to Australia by October 17th. Heavenly Father loves all of us, wants to help us, so please just "let your request be made known unto God!"

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