Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rejoice the Hour is at Hand

I am going to AUSTRALIA!!!! Sunday evening Sister McFarlane and I recieved a call that we would need to find a ride to transfers this Wednesday. Then this morning when the assistants called to let us know which of us needed to pack, they said, "Sister Jensen, oh and make sure your bags are all within weight limit because your visa is here. You'll come to transfers and then we will drive you to the airport." I squealed with joy and couldn't stop jumping up and down! My prayers have been answered, my journey to Australia is now underway! Then I remembered why all this was possible and I collapsed on my knees almost immeadiatly and said a prayer of sincere gratitude to my Heavenly Father, because without His divine help, none of my mission would be possible, even the obtaining of my visa.
This week has been full of cancellations, but a good week none the less. Thursday someone asked me what my favorite scripture was and I said 1 Nephi 3:7, and then I started reciting it in my mind...IN CHINESE :) It was a little victory for me and a huge blessing from the Lord.
Second, we have a new investogator, Angel, who is so sincere and so spiritually prepared! She is a friend of Sister Manely's and we were able to have dinner and give the first lesson at Sister Manely's home. So powerful, even with all the kids playing and screaming in the background. There is just something special about the Spirit that resides in the member's homes.
Third, I had a dream in half Chinese and half English. The real bummer was that I couldn't understand what was being said in Chinese...I will get there I am sure, especially since I am soon going to be immersed in the language! Can you tell I am a little ESTATIC :)
Fourth, this was a miracle, at least for a girl who loves shopping. One of our ward missionaries took us to meet her friend and it just so happened to be at this Home Consignment shop, where they were having a deal $5 for a bag and as much stuff as you can fit, you can have. The Sister from our ward purchased each of us a bag and I was able to get some new shirts and a new skirt and dress. Oh how I love to shop!
It's a calm in my heart,
It's peace in the soul,
A grand midnight sea-
My Father's love for me.
Oh, its power is great!
Oh, it's power divine!
What a glorious decree,
My Father's love for me.
It's a life I live
It's a love I feel
From somewhere Heavenly,
This, My Father's love for me.

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