Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hey Y'all

First thing is first, I am in an area new to me with people I am unfamiliar with and I need to support of family and friends, so please write me at my new address:
1175 Old Harris Rd.
Apt# 818
Dallas, GA 30157
Secondly, the work here in Gerogia is so exciting! I have already witnessed so many miracles and am working hard. My very first night was spent without a companion--which was weird--and then the next day I recieved my new companion, Sister McFarlane. She is 21, went to BYU-I, and is from Orange California. My very first night with her was not spent in our apartment because she locked the keys in our 2013 Chevy Cruise. If anyone is looking to buy a car that is impossible for a theif to get into, this is the car. Three cops all tried, and failed, to get into the car. Not even a slim-jim, worked. So, we spent the night at a member's house who didn't have any kids, and then the next morning, we had a lock-smith come and let us into our car. What an adventurous and sleepless way to begin my time in Georgia.
An exciting story: The very first day we went tracting for real, knocking on door after door, we prayed that we would be able to find a family to teach. The very first door I knock on a Dad opens the door with two kids wrapped around his legs. He invited us in and his wife came to meet us, and she was pregnant. Meet Bo and Anna. They aren't currently active in a paticular church, but they are willing to let us come over and teach them. We taught them a quick lesson right then and there and then set up a return appointment for this week. We prayed with them and left. Then as we circling about the neighborhood, Anna came out and gave us come water bottles. It was a blessing because it is so very hot here, but also a confirmation that they didn't think we were completely weird!
That very same day, as we were leaving the neighborhood, we found a golden investigator. His name is Lee and he has been taught by missionaries before, but they were slackers and played video games with him and socialized. However, he loved them and was happy to see that "Jesus sent girls out to teach the word." He is very learned in the Bible, but in a way that has caused him to question why people think ministers can be paid, why aren't people preparing for the end of the world, and why isn't there more than just the Bible. He is asking all the right questions, sometimes too many at one time, but wonderful questions. We taught him Sunday night with a couple from our ward and things went fantastic. He has committed to be baptized this month! He reads all our assignments and more! The only obstacle is that he has so many deep questions and we need to establish a foundation before we introduce him to deeper doctrine. He's awesome though and hopefully we can get his family on board as well.
My last story is regaurding a Chinese restuarant and our Ward Mission Leader Brother Drew. He wanted me to have an opportunity to speak my language, so he took my companion and I to lunch at a Chinese place. I was able to talk to our waiter and leave him a pamphlet that was in Characters. It was awesome. I can't wait to get to Australia. Please pray that I get there quickly.
This gospel is amazing and I love it!

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