Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When One Door Closes, Another One Closes, So Knock Once More

This week has been a week of much learning as my beginner's luck has run out.
It seems like every appointment we made was cancelled, and then our backups cancelled and sometimes our backup's backup cancelled. However, this was a week of many miracles.
My first lesson occurred on Tuesday when our appointment cancelled so we decided to go see our "golden" investigator. We knock on the door and he opens it up with tears in his eyes and tells us he doesn't feel like he will be able to pursue our church anymore. I was devastated. My heart was tearing up into a million pieces as he explained he just didn't feel like he was wanting to continue on investigating the church. This guy has so much faith, why was he trying to drop us?
My companion and I told asked him a lot of questions about why he was feeling this way, and we were able to get to the nitty gritty. It wasn't because he didn't believe what we were teaching. It wasn't because the church wasn't true. It was because he was scared of the battle ahead. The possibility of him being the only one in his family wanting to join the church right now. We left saying we would come back. I know we needed to see this guy and that is why our first appointment fell through. One door was closed and Heavenly Father just opened up another one for us.
Wednesday everything that could go wrong went wrong. All appointments were cancelled and we were left with the Area Book and a lot of prayer to lead us what to do next. We tracted for a little bit and had no success. We finally pulled out the area book and prayed to find someone in past investigators that would now be ready to receive the gospel. We were led to two names. One was a very inactive girl who's husband had taken lessons from missionaries before. We drove over to their neighborhood and just as we were about to walk up the steps, the wife came outside. She didn't seem surprised to see us, but she was headed out and her husband wasn't home. She set up a return appointment with us and then told us that eight months ago they had a baby and now they both felt it was time to go back to church. What a blessing it has been.
Lastly, our goal this week was to find six new investigators. By Sunday we had five and only one appointment left with a part member family where the wife wasn't a member. She had seen missionaries before and not been interested. So, we prayed for the Lord's help and went over. She was very happy to see us and as we started talking we discovered she doesn't really understand the church too well, even though she has been married to a member for 10 years. However, at the end of our lesson, she agreed to let us come back the following Sunday to teach her. In the knick of time, Heavenly Father helped us achieve our goal of getting six new investigators this week.
This week I learned: No matter how many doors close, there is always going to be one door the Lord will open for us to walk through.

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