Monday, May 19, 2014


Always going,
Here or there.
On the street
Or in the mind.
Yes, something
Is always there.

This week our mission had the sincere pleasure and revelatory experience of having Elder Hamula and his wife come and talk to us and give us counsel and wisdom as to what it is we, as missionaries, need to take not only our missions to the next level but our personal spirituality as well.

My favorite part was when Elder Hamula, who spent 2 hours teaching us out of the five hour conference, taught the "Doctrine of You." I really needed to hear this because sometimes I am so focused on all that I must do to be a great missionary that I often forget that my Heavenly Father has given me talents and abilities that the Chinese need, and try to just coy what the natives do. I am not a native Chinese girl, nor will I ever be, so why has God called me to serve a people I have had no connection with until coming on my mission?

As I went home and reflected on the words of Elder Hamula I came to discover that though I may not be as smart as a Chinese person, nor as nonathletic, I am a hard worker. I am determined to accomplish the goals I have set in my life, whether it is being the best on the volleyball team, or getting into a good school, I have set the goals and accomplished them. Chinese people are the same in that regard. The better I understand myself the better I can serve the people around me. I also came to realize that whenever I belittle myself and call myself "stupid" or "fat" I am being selfish and am focusing on things that do not pertain to my missionary purpose and I am belittling a creation of my Heavenly Father. I need to love myself and then I can more fully love those around me.

Aside from our conference with Elder Hamula, we also had a meeting with all the ward mission leaders on a different date. At that meeting during President Henderson's talk he called me and Sister Peterson up to the pulpit. I had no idea what he was going to ask us to do. Then, placing one hand on my shoulder and another on Sister Peterson's he asked us to lead the missionaries in reciting "My Missionary Commission." My heart about dropped. That is our longest memorization, but I love it and I know it. So I squared back my shoulders and recited the commission with all the resolve I could muster. It felt great.

Now as for missionary work...Miracles continue to occur. We continue to teach Tintin! This week she attempted to read all of the Book of Mormon and when we met with her she had made it all the way to 1 Nephi Chapter 16! She said she tried to finish it, but that it was a little harder to understand than she expected. This was the first time at the end of a lesson that I have had to challenge an investigator to SLOW down when reading the Book of Mormon. Sister Ng and I also committed her to completely follow the Word of Wisdom and as she did that we would forgo chocolate for one week with her. Anything to help someone open the door to the path to Salvation!

Sister Ng and I also had the neat experience of teaching three Chinese people up North in Emerald. How you may ask? Well they didn't fly us up there for the night, although would have been really cool! We used skype! It definitely reminded me that I am a missionary in the 21st Century. It was cool though to see these three people huddled together anxious to learn about the Plan of Salvation.

Something is always in motion when you are a missionary. I have really come to learn that this past week. Sister Ng and I have been sacrificing more and more and we are seeing the miracles unfold. It is a blessing to share this happy message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love what I do. I love it! I love my Savior Jesus Christ and am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost which leads and guides me each and everyday of my mission. Thanks for y'alls support! I really appreciate it. Love you all!

Funny side note: Sister Chen's clothes were stolen from our wash room. Apparently there is an underwear theif roaming around our flat complex because all of our neighbors have had stuff stolen in the past two months. Weirdo.

​Just a little selfie from today! Love you all and pray for you!

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