Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Joel 3:10 "...let the weak say, I am strong."

The weather in Australia has finally snapped! We are finally in the midst of fall/winter in which I can wear leggings, sweaters, scarfs, and sleep in the comfort of my bed snuggled in my blankets. If that isn't a miracle I don't know what is! Thankfully the Lord loves us even more than I can comprehend and He blessed Sister Ng and me with more miracles outside of the weather.

Something President Henderson has coined this month "Miracle May" and has asked for greater faith from all of us missionaries in the mighty ABM. There are new things to tighten up our obedience and to prepare us to better receive the miracles the Lord wants to bestow upon us. We are also preparing for a mission tour, which means one of the Seventy is coming to visit the mission.

With all this in mind Sister Ng and I have been praying more diligently and putting forth our best to receive all that the Lord wants us to take on. I have also been praying in my personal prayers to be led to one who has been prepared to hear the gospel. I have been on my mission 10 months now and I think it is high time I found a person who is prepared by the Lord. I met some in SunnyBank, but I am no longer there. So this week in my prayers I asked my heavenly Father to lead me to one of His children He has been preparing.

Saturday I was GQ'ing when I walked around the bend and saw 6 Asians. Usually when this happens I look for the Chinese Asian and start there because that's the language I speak after all! However, this time, from what I could tell, they were all Chinese. I had the feeling that one of these 6 people was prepared to receive the gospel, I just had no idea who. I quickly said a most sincere prayer, pleading with Heavenly Father asking Him to lead me to the one who was prepared. As I lifted up my head and looked at the six people it was as if my whole body was being drawn towards the girl sitting farthest away (which is weird because if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I usually only teach boys). I followed the promptings of the Spirit and went to go talk to this girl, Tintin.

As we began talking I quickly followed the Spirit's direction and told Tintin I was a missionary who shared a message about God and Jesus Christ and how they can help us in our lives. Tintin said, "Good because I need help." We continued talking and I discovered Tintin was struggling with a housemate who gets drunk a lot and has really been a challenge in her life lately because she works and studies. I taught her about the nature of God and Jesus Christ and the power of prayer. I then said a prayer with Tintin. Amongst all the noise and the band playing just a couple meters away, I could feel the Spirit enter my soul and exemplify my simple Chinese spoken prayer. Afterwards I asked Tintin how she felt and she replied, "Peaceful." I then invited her to pray that night and I would pray for her as well. I promised her that could would hear her prayer and help her have the same peace tonight. She then asked me, "Do you have church tomorrow?" Shocked I said, "Yes!" She got the church address, entered my number into her phone, and gave me her details.

That night I prayed fervently that Tintin would have a good night and that she would come to church on Sunday. At church there was no sign of her. Then right before they started singing the sacrament hymn in walked Tintin. She looked a little nervous and I suddenly realized how much courage it took for her to come to church all by herself having never stepped foot in a Christian church before. She seemed to find peace as the meetings went on. Then after Sunday school I asked her how her night had gone. She told me she prayed a little bit and that the guy hadn't drunken anything the night before. I told her that God answered her prayer and she nodded in agreement.

I am very excited to see where this miracle goes. We are meeting Tintin later this week and I pray and hope that things continue to progress. I pray that I remain worthy of the Lord's trust and of His protection over Tintin. It's "Miracle May" indeed. I know I am weak, but with God's help I can be strong.

Just a funny little side-note, I had just gotten off the phone with an investigator who called while we were GQ'ing in the city when a very attractive, tall, blond haired, green-eyed man with a lovely New Zealand accent approached me and said, "So are Mormons allowed to date non-Mormons?"

My mind went blank for about three seconds while I looked this attractive man up and down wandering what in the world was going to happen once I answered truthfully, "Yes we have free agency to date anyone we want."

"Interesting. So do you have some time to talk about Joseph Smith?"

"Of course..."

This attractive man then continued to ask me questions about the church, mostly about the history (thankfully I have been reading "Our Heritage" lately which is all about the early history of the church). He said he wasn't interested too much in religion. When I asked him why he had chosen to talk to me he said, "Because I was bored." In which I replied, "For a man who isn't very interested in religion, but chooses to talk to a missionary in the middle of the city when he is bored, must be more interested than he realizes." He smiled and then got a phone call and had to leave, but not before I gave him a mormon.org card and invited him to meet with missionaries. Such an attractive and intelligent man should be a member of the church, just my personal opinion.

Well that was my week! Transfers came and Sister Ng and I are still together in the city. Sister Peterson left Sister Chen and Sister Cabamongan will be taking her place so now I will be living with both of my "x-companions." The Chinese Sister's program is such a small world!


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  1. people find you because you are attractive. be confidence!!.