Friday, June 14, 2013


Everything is beautiful in my world today.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been spending my pre-mission days in the great state of California. I’ve been kayaking, watching animals at Sea World, and kickin’ it with my friends: Kylie and Emma. But today I wish to expound on my eye-opening experience on the ocean.

Kayaking. Just my sister and me in a boat following our tour guide out to the middle of the ocean in La Jolla, California. The day was particularly windy and the waves were big. Alas, I was not scared, but reveled in the splashing of ocean water on my face. Once we got out past the biggest waves, my sister and I were leading the pack, whilst the tour guide was helping Mom and Dad back into their boat.

Once we got to our destination, the caves of La Jolla, everyone received a chance to enter the cave and see this cool little place created by nature. My heartstrings gave a little tug as Addie and I paddled out of the cave. This was one of our last adventures together for 18 months. I was going to miss my sister.

I will leave my family for 18 months. BUT, Pinterest never fails to comfort me. This sums everything up pretty well:

Everything I am leaving will be here when I get back, and if it’s not, then I know that it’ll be what the Lord has planned for me.

Countdown: 11 days!!!

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