Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Blessing of Trials

19 hours of Finding.
212 people contacted.
And only 6 of them want to meet up with us again.
THIS was a hard week! But I am ever grateful for the miracles that are present when we, as missionaries, undergo trials. Even though almost every single appointment cancelled on us this week, Sister Chen and I were blessed with the ability to talk to over 200 people! 200 people are that much closer to coming to Christ, even though 200 people did not accept the message, 200 people heard it and know who missionaries are now.
One of the many miracles I was able to see this week happened on Saturday night. All week we have had to cancell dinner appointments with members because our investigators could not come. Therefore, a lot of rice and pineapple was eatten this week; that or peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches! Sister Chen and I were looking forward to Saturday because we would have two appointments and then a dinner appointment that would not have to be cancelled because weekends we can eat at member's homes without an investigator.
All week our goals had been in the back of my mind. We had set them prayerfully the week before and I knew the Lord wanted us to acheive them, yet all our appointments were getting cancelled and our number of lessons taught, especially with member's present from the congregation, was very low. Then on Saturday morning, when we were suppossed to have two member present lessons, one of them cancelled on us. I was distraught. It was Saturday and now we were no where close to keeping our weekly goal, let alone our daily goal for member present lessons. I quickly said a prayer asking for patience and then went on with our day.
Finally, it was time for dinner and I was so ready to eat a home cooked meal. When we arrived at this spunky member's home who was from Chile, she was the only one there. Then five minutes later her less active son walked in with his friend who happened to be a Malaysian who spoke Chinese. After a yummy dinner of chicken, fresh green beans, pasta, and tomatos with mozzerella, we shared a lesson with the family Ullao family and their friend. The food was great and the Spirit there even better!
As we walked back to the bus stop from the Ullao family home I was feeled with sincere gratitude to my Heavenly Father for helping Sister Chen and I reach our goal for the day. It was a blessing after all the appointments that had failed during the week.
Then on Sunday we had an investogator who needed a blessing. I love the priesthood! I love that our Elders are worthy to give blessings and that they do so willingly and with mindful preparation. I am also grateful that they have become like my brothers and friends. The Chinese Elders and Sisters in each area are all pretty close because we share a car, and work together often. It is like a family away from home--the Lord knew I would need that kind of environment!
Anyways, the past couple of days I have been suffering from intense headaches. I have been doing my best to just ignore them and lose myself in the work. Sunday was the third day in a row of the constant headache. I had not wanted to be an impostition to the Elder's work, so I had just taken my advil and suffered through it. Then on Sunday when the Elders were giving Tony a blessing, Elder Lunt asked me if I needed one as well. I shook him off saying we were here to give Tony a blessing. I was just having a headache. Then later that night as we were all working the bus stop my body became very weak and the pains in my head intensified. I sat down on the bus bench and put my head in my hands. Sister Chen came and sat next to me and then Elder Lunt once again asked, "Do you need a blessing?" I began to shake my head and Sister Chen just said, "Sister Jensen, I think really think you need to do." I just nodded and Elder Lunt grabbed Elder Ladd and we went back to our office to give me a blessing.
I was so grateful that Elder Lunt had been persistant. I am so grateful for the words I received in that blessing that not only promised me I would eventually feel better, but that the Lord is pleased with my efforts and that I will be able to find the people I was forordained to teach here in Australia.
This morning I woke up, not feeling 100%, but I now know I have had the special blessing from my Heavenly Father that comes only through His proper authority that is within the Priesthood. The Lord has called me to preach to the Asian culture and will provide me with good health. This morning I read in Acts 16:6 about how the apostles were "forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia." The time has now come when the Lord feels the people of Asia are ready to recieve the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel humbled that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with a role in this work of bringing people from Asia unto their creator.

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