Monday, November 25, 2013

Lost and Found

This week has been a week of much happiness as Sister Chen and I welcome Sister Cabamongan to the world of SunnyBank. This week we contacted 221 souls and have had more potentials than ever, much thanks to Sister Cabamongan I do believe. We are finding the lost sheep of Brisbane!
Yue Xing, quite possibly the cutest little Chinese girl I have ever seen. She is so petite and wears lace and platform flip flops to try to make her seem a little taller. The first thing she said when we showed her the picture of Joseph Smith was, "hen shuai" which means very handsome! We met with her on Monday and were unable to set up a return appointment, much to our dismay. However, Yue Xing lost her umbrella at the bus stop the next day, and we all know where us missionaries go everyday...THE BUS STOP! We found her umbrella called her and she asked us to please protect it until our next appointment. Yue Xing lost her umbrella and now we are going to help her find her way to salvation. What a marvelous work this is!
The second thing to be found this week was my WALLET! Yes it was found, and while it is not in my possesion yet, it will be soon hopefully! The STL's called me Thursday and told me they had found my wallet in their car. It is a miracle. Even though all the cards within have been cancelled, my temple recommend is safe as well as my lucky two dollar bill! I guess that $2 bill was good luck after all.
Missionary work is progressing. We are figuring out how to work as a tri-panionship and are finding success. We are finding more people and setting up appointments with them. A perk of having Sister Cabamongan is that she is from the city and so her old companion is going to give us all of their refferals.
So many people are lost in this big wide world, but as a missionary it is my job to listen to the guidance of the Holy Ghost in finding them and then helping them find Heavenly Father. We are so blessed to live here on earth with free agency. As Christmas draws closer and closer, I get more and more excited because at Christmas time people are usually in the Spirit of Christ, whether they recognize it as that or not. People are more prone to chat, more prone to give service, and more prone to look outside themselves and into the lives of others. What an amazing time to be a missionary as the world gets ready to celebrate the birth of our Beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. I encourage all the look forward to December with hope and love towards all you come in contact with. Hope that they will feel of their Saviors love and see the blessings of Heavenly Father, and Love for everyone you come in contact with.

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