Friday, July 25, 2014

Can you feel the Love?

To answer the question of today, yes, I can feel the love. I feel the love of my family and friends who stretch across the world, and I feel the love of my Savior, in what has been a most trying week of working through pain, and then finally going to the doctors.

Tuesday was the Chinese Regional Meeting we have quarterly and I loved it. It is such a pleasure and a sacred honor of my Heavenly Father to be a part of such a unique program. As I looked around at my fellow Australian Chinese missionaries I noticed that with the last batch of Chinese missionaries that left, I am now among the more experienced missionaries. That hit me quite hard, because that means my mission is quickly coming to its end. Then I felt overwhelming peace because I have been working hard to invite others to come unto Christ, and as long as I continue to do this, I can help these younger missionaries feel the excitement that lives within missionary work.

Wednesday Sister Ng and I were out in the streets talking to people as all the shops were closing down and hardly anyone was in the city. This is the hard part of the day because you can't go home, and yet there aren't many people to talk to. However, I stood in the middle of Queen Street, where three months ago I stood with feelings of inadequacy and fear because of the vastness of the city compared to the one bus stop in SunnyBank, but with complete and utter calmness. I scanned the street looking for the one the Spirit wanted me to talk to. My eyes landed on an Asian boy sitting by himself eating some Hungry Jacks.

I went over, and because of the pain in my back, sat right down instead of standing and talking to him as I usually do. We began to talk and this man, Parash, began to ask questions of the soul that can only be answered from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I taught him a lesson, right there on the street, about how God loves all His children and wants them to be happy in this life. Parash just sat and smiled saying, "Sounds good sounds good." When I invited Parash to continue meeting with missionaries to learn more, he accepted the invitation by thanking me! I felt so humbled and so grateful to be entrusted with this sacred calling of inviting others to learn more about Jesus Christ.

Thursday was the doctor. The good news is I am not in need of surgery. The bad news is I am stuck resting, unless we have a lesson, until a decision is made about my health. Sister Ng and I have struggled being indoors all day, but we are trying to be positive. Even though some may think God has left us alone, I know and can feel my Heavenly Father's love for both of us. There has been a special Spirit in our flat that I can only describe as the love of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

There's a peace in my heart
That puts me to my knees
Practicing patience, as I wait
For the words, loving and smart.
For in his hands, I've put my fate.
"Why would you do such a thing?"
Is the question some will ask.
"He's put you through pain and sorrow!"
"No," I'll reply, "He gives me reason to sing.
His love and mercy, I freely borrow."
This, this is no punishment from His hand
Trials, big or small, never are.
I'm a child with His love
Counted as one among the grains of sand.
So on my knees I'll stay, praying to Father above.

I thank you all for your support. I pray that you all know that God is there for me, and for YOU! He is all powerful. This I know to be true and will never deny in the name of my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, amen.

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  1. things change so dramatically, is this going to be your last blog, no never, life just started. Best wishes on your back, your study and everything.