Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trial of My Faith

There is a saying in the sporting world that I have grown up hearing, starting with my Mom and enforced by my beloved volleyball coaches Cindy Elder and Janie, "No pain, no gain." This week I have felt multiple forms of 'pain' and have been able to 'gain' much from the week Sister Ng and I were blessed to experience.

Tuesday I went to a Physio Therapist and it was just...awkward and terrible. First of all he had me change into short short and a tank top! I had no idea that this was going to be happening and was in no way prepared. I had to roll up my underwear and then for the first time in eleven months I wore short shorts! I felt so naked as I sat in the office in nothing but short short and a tank top. Then the Physio started poking me trying to figure out what was wrong. He did some weird "all natural" treatments with his hands that just felt like he was taking a knife to my back. He then told me I would need 8 more sessions of this insane treatment. I left feeling quite uneasy and in even more pain that I had started out with. I called Sister Henderson that night and told I just wasn't feeling the Physio and asked if there was another route we could take. She gave me the number to a doctor who happens to be a member. Right away I felt peace. I called to see when I could schedule an appointment. Nothing was open until Friday. My heart sunk just a little bit, knowing that I would have to endure the pain for the rest of the week, but I took the appointment and got down on my knees to pray. At that time I thought we had a week full of lessons, so there wouldn't be that much walking around anyways.

Wednesday. Every single appointment we had cancelled. Luckily we had District Meeting to take a chunk out of our day. After District Meeting our District Leaders (we have two since they are also the Chinese training Leaders) came over to our flat while we were eating lunch to drop off the chapel keys. I was sprawled out on my bed which is in the living room, trying to find some bit of comfort. They gave us the key and left. Not five minutes later there was a knock on our door. Elder Anderson and Low asked if they could give me a blessing. Of course Sister Chen, Cabamongan, and Ng all said yes! before I could even answer. Since Elders aren't allowed in Sister's flat while we are in the flat we pulled a chair over to the door and they stood outside and I sat inside on the chair. Then they gave me a blessing from my Heavenly Father in which I was instructed to keep on being diligent and to use this trail as an opportunity to come closer to my Savior. Afterwards Sister Ng and I went out to walk and talk to people for 5 1/2 hours. My pain was not completely gone, but it was decreased and when I felt like it was too much, I would say a prayer and I could literally feel my Saviors hand touching the part of my back that hurt most and giving me a push forward. Miracles happened this day. I listened to the promptings of the Spirit to talk to a Japanese girl instead of a Chinese girl. The girl's name is Ayako and she is amazing. We were able to teach her with a recently baptized member from Japan. Then she came to church on Sunday and said she had a great time and is excited to learn more. I know that the Lord blessed me with miracles because I was willing to put my pain in His hands and push through the discomfort in order to bring souls unto Christ.

Thursday was much like Wednesday, except this time around we had an appointment all set up and President Henderson said he was going to join us. I was so excited to be able to witness President teach and to learn from him. However, Sister Ng and I were not meant to learn from President this past week. Our investigator who had confirmed that same morning cancelled right as President Henderson showed up. We got to shake his hand and then leave because we had no one to teach. However, that day I met a very nice girl from Taiwan and was able to just joke around and talk to her in complete Chinese. Then as I was getting ready to go she asked, "Can I draw you?" How did she know that one of the things I love is to be someone's subject, whether it is a picture or a drawing? I know it was Heavenly Father saying,"I see you, I know you are in pain, here relax, I love you."
Friday Sister Ng and I woke up early to make the long bus ride to the doctor's office. It was an hour and half bus ride there and once we got there the doctor simply "pounded" each knee. My left knee reacted as it should have, bouncing up the moment it was hit. However, when the doctor hit my right knee nothing happened. He hit it again a little harder and there was slight movement. He gave me a prescription for some pain killers and told me to do some certain exercises, but if the pain continues I need to get a CT scan done. The drugs are pretty strong and have caused me to have some funny moments and the pain is still there, so once I Sister Henderson picks up her phone I am going to go get that CT scan. Luckily Friday was a great day when nobody cancelled their appointments and so I didn't have to walk very much!  Sister Ng and I also got on the wrong bus by accident on the way home and ended up being able to see the ocean in a place called Capalaba! It was beautiful!
The rest of the week was and continues to be a bit hazy. I am on drugs to lessen the pain and they make me feel "high" like after I got my wisdom teeth taken out. However, I continue to do the work I have been called to do because I know that I am not alone. Sister Ng is so supportive and loving as is Sister Cabamongan and Chen; most importantly is that the blessing I was given on Wednesday is coming forth. I am closer to my Savior now than I ever have been in my life. I am feeling the enabling power of the Atonement in my everyday life, because I literally can't work without the help of my Savior. I just move my body unsure exactly what I am doing and an unseen force leads me onward ever onward.
I know this church is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ. He is by my side now and will be as long as I need Him. I am grateful for the Atonement that not only cleanses, but enables the children of Heavenly Father. I thank you all for you prayers and support. May God bless you and may you all have a desire to come closer to the Father who awaits your return to His presence above. I love you all!
1st picture: Our wrong bus took us to the ocean! My first time seeing the ocean since landing in Australia!
2nd picture: Sister Chen was playing with bubbles this morning and so I joined her!



  1. Love you Nati! You are in our prayers.

  2. Hey, there is someone else reading your blog as same as me.
    I really want to say that the pain killer is not that good. It will make you feel so strange, I have deep experience about it. And I have seen so many missionary get back pain during there mission, first one Elder Wu, then one elder served in South America, and then it is you. I also had a bad back pain since last year, every slight movement will cause pain. It lasts for one year, and gradually becomes better. You are not alone.