Monday, April 21, 2014

Time to be BOLD

May I just say that cities are not for wimps. I may have been a wimp once upon a time, though I like to think not, but I can assure you all now that I am no longer a wimp, especially when it comes to standing up for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

This week was the week before the Easter Holidays and so the city was either bursting at the seams with people or there was nobody to be seen. Michael Buble made an appearance as well as Nickelodeon and as always so did the missionaries. On Tuesday I was getting pretty frustrated because no one was interested and no one was actually living here in Australia. It seemed like the only people I came in contact with were here on holiday. Finally I saw a familiar face of a girl i knew lived here. I had talked to her before and she didn't express any interest, but I said, "Suanle" and went and talked to her.

As we talked I could feel the Holy Ghost guiding our conversation. There was a window of time when she expressed that actually she wasn't a member of the church she was attending, but was visiting to see if she liked it. I BOLDLY told her she should come investigate our church as well. Then I shared a brief summary of how Joseph Smith did the same thing until he prayed and asked God which church was true. She said okay and we will be meeting with her later this week.

Wednesday the Jehovah Witnesses were out and about trying to tell people all about Jesus Christ. I think it is a little funny that they don't celebrate Christmas or Easter but those are the only times of the year when they come out and try to get people to join their church. Usually I try to avoid them, but a lady captured me! I was walking towards a man to go talk to when she said, "Oh my Sister!" Usually only members say that, and this lady was dressed pretty modest so I thought oh dang I don't recognize this gal from church, better say hello. So we start talking and then she asks what I am doing. I told her I was out talking to people about Jesus Christ and how he can help everyone! Then she folded her arms and said, "Oh really? Teach me." Naive little me thought she was really interested so I began sharing about the God head. That's when she pulled out her iPad and asked me what version of the Bible I used. I told her King James. That's when she tried to convince me that Jehovah was God's name and that Jesus Christ was not the Old Testament God. I tried to tell her the truth that God was not Jehovah, but it was to no avail. She began to bash Mormons and I was about to have none of that so I BOLDLY recited:

"I am called of God. My authority is above that of kings of the earth.
By revelation I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
He is my master and he has chosen me to represent him.
To say and do what he himself would say and do if he personally were ministering to the very people to whom he has sent me.
My voice is his voice, my acts are his acts, and my doctrine is his doctrine.
My commission is to do what he wants done, to say what he wants said;
To be a living, modern day witness in word and in deed of the divinity of this great and marvelous latter-day work!
How great is my calling."

I then told her that if she wanted to truly know Jesus Christ that I would invite her to read the Book of Mormon because that's how I came to know Jesus Christ so personally. I wish I could have seen her face as I walked away.
Friday was a bit dry because all the stores were closed. We GQ'ed all the day long. As it was nearing 6pm, the time we have to leave the city on Friday and Saturday night, Sister Ng found a person to talk to. I was calling through numbers because there was literally no one else on the street. I looked up and saw a group of three intoxicated men. BIG MEN. One ran across the street and draped his arms around the guy Sister Ng was talking to. One walked away and one looked right at me just as I hung up the phone. I looked over at Sister Ng who seemed to still be teaching as the drunk "hugger" had moved on down the street. However, my guy was still looking at me when he said, "I'm glad you hung up the phone." My heart stopped for a fraction of a second and then he said, "What are you doing here on Good Friday?"
My heart relaxed and feelings of peace filled my soul. I told him I was a missionary for my church and we were in town sharing the message of Jesus Christ. As we talked I guessed he was the least intoxicated of his friends. Daniel opened up to me about how he was getting ready to marry the love of his life in just two weeks. The Holy Ghost prompted me to ask him if he loved his fiance enough to be with her for eternity. He didn't pause very long before saying, "I thought that's kinda how it works." I told him yes, but we have to do certain things in order to have that forever family. As we talked he wanted to know how I had come to have such great faith. I told him mainly because of the Book of Mormon. That's when I pulled out the copy of the English Book of Mormon I had felt inspired to put in my bag earlier that morning. It is also when his two highly more intoxicated friends decided to come and see what we were talking about. The really big guy that had previously hugged Sister Ng's person saw my Book of Mormon and said, "Oh come on none of that crap." Daniel tried to push his friend away, but it was getting a little rough and I was backed into a corner at this point. Sister Ng tried coming to my rescue, but she is so very tiny and the biggest guy just scared her until she was standing right next to me. Despite all of this, the only thing I could feel was the Holy Ghost urging me to give Daniel the Book of Mormon.

I could see Daniel really wanted to hear how I had come to know the Book of Mormon was true and so I took a deep breath and then began to BOLDY tell my story. I made it brief and made sure my voice carried over the really drunk guy. When I said, "That's how I came to know the Book of Mormon to be true..." a sudden silence filled the air. I testified that the Book of Mormon could help Daniel's desire to have faith become a reality and that it was the only book on the planet earth that could change his life forever and lead him to an eternal marriage. I handed him the Book of Mormon with two hands so he'd know that it was a special book and then said, "We have to get going."
The silence was broken as the big drunk tried to block our way out, but we shoved our way past and ran to the bus station. It was 5:55 and we had five minutes to get out of the city.
Well that was the exciting adventures of this past week! Oh Sister Ng and I also had a record breaking week. We had a total of 52 proselyting hours (which is made of of lessons and finding) and 30 potentials (people we've taught or people who agreed to meet with us). It was a week where every night I fell into bed completely exhausted and woke up praying desperately for the strength of the Lord as it seemed every ounce of my own was gone. We worked hard, saw many mighty miracles and are continuing to work hard this week to become better week by week day by day.

Also had interviews with President and I was able to just sit and chat with him and got some really great pointers on how to become a better missionary. It was my first interview where I didn't go in with a problem, rather just wanted some advice. It was great. I love President and Sister Henderson. One thing President told me was "Celebrate, you deserve it."
I am at peace with the direction I am headed. Month 10 of my mission is here and I can't believe how fast time is passing. I am just glad I am trying my best and that the Lord is able to do much with my best. I love you all!

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  1. many interesting points I found from this journal. 1, "Suanle" I thought it is the girl's name. 2 I have been to Jehovah Witnesses's church(maybe it is called as kingdom) and talked to some of them, they were good, however, I was not brave to clear my mind and fully believe them. 3 this journal is full with scare heartquake, I also felt I was stand next to you to witness everything happening when I read it. Good Job.