Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Great Thou Art

There is a hymn I love dearly in the LDS hymnal page 86 called "How Great Thou Art." This week I have learned over and over again how truly amazing and loving our Heavenly Father is.

Wednesday night we taught a lesson to a guy with awesome purple hair. His name is Nick and when we last taught him a month and half ago he had red hair. Then he walked into the office with purple hair and I was just amazed that he could actually pull it off. Anyway...Nick's hair is probably the least impressive thing about that lesson. We were lucky to have Daniel Glenn, a return missionary from Taiwan, help us fellowship. We taught the Restoration of the Gospel and the Spirit was so strong. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes--but even that is not the most amazing part! As we were about to say the closing prayer Nick asked if Christians could drink and gamble. Daniel told him briefly that in our church we do not drink or gamble. It was quiet for a moment and I think I was holding my breath thinking this could make or break Nick's desire to continue meeting with us. That's when Nick said, "Can I pray for forgiveness right now?" My heart melted into a pool of emotion and I excitedly told him yes and that Heavenly Father would give him the forgiveness he was seeking. It was such a special moment.

After our lesson Daniel Glenn gave us some advice on how to be better teachers. I really appreciated it because we never get much feedback on our teaching. It was so refreshing to have someone coach us. I didn't realize how much I crave the coaching of someone more experienced than me. STL's are great, but they aren't in the Chinese program and can't really understand our teaching and so we don't get feedback from them. I love to be told how to improve.

Last night we had dinner at one the Nicholson's. A great family who feeds the missionaries every Sunday. Luckily this week it was our turn. The food was great, pizza! We helped carry the dinner to their outside picnic area and Sister Cabamongan tripped. She was able to save the pizza, but as we were walking home Sister Lai and I noticed she was limping. She had sprained her ankle when she saved the pizza, and now we had quite a long walk to go before we would reach our bus stop to get back home. And so...
Inline image 1
Being the biggest companion that I am I put the light 95lbs of Sister Cabamongan on my back and helped her get to the bus stop. Sister Lai, who was holding all of our stuff said, "I feel like a maid." In which I replied, "I feel like a horse." and then sweet little Sister Cabamongan said, "I feel like a damsel in distress." It was quite a good laugh!
But then as I was carrying my dearly beloved companion the Savior entered my mind. How He, the literal Son of God, sacrificed so much for me. Then I felt honored to have Sister Cabamongan on my back. I could feel the Holy Ghost's approval of what I was doing. I could feel even stronger the support and love of my Heavenly Father. That's when Sister Lai, who was walking behind us, began to sing "How Great Thou Art." The Spirit filled my entire soul and I felt consecrated. I could feel the power of my calling as a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ and I could feel my limbs being strengthened as we finally made it to the bus stop.
I testify that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. He is my master. I am His servant and I love this work.

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  1. what a wonderful journal which gives me a lot of imaginations.