Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time to Grow Up

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Whoops! This little possum is stuck in the SunnyBank bridge, where I will be spending yet another six weeks of my mission trying to find Chinese people who want to hear the message of Jesus Christ.

This time is a bit different though...

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The girl in the pink is the newest addition to SunnyBank. Sister Lai will be joining Sister Cabamongan and I in the quest to baptize the people in our area. She is from Singapore, a BYU student, and Chinese is her second language that she has been studying for 10 years! So far so good. She has a lot of energy and loves to work hard.
Last transfer there were three Chinese companionships and one English companionship in our ward. NOW, there are FOUR Chinese companionships and one English, making 11 missionaries in the ward! We have a new District Leader and for the first time we have been given tracting boundaries, so we are expected to hit the pavement in trying to find some Chinese Families. Our companionship also has no car anymore so we are full time bike. It is going to be an interesting transfer indeed.
The third thing is amazing as far as the whole mission goes. President has decided that two Assistants is no longer enough. Our mission now has FOUR Assistants to the President and my favorite AP has been put into the mission field as my Zone Leader! I was so excited, because Elder Fa'ao is such an inspiring missionary and now I get to learn from him more often.
Some of you may wonder if I am a little discourage being in the same area, yet another transfer. Truthfully, at first I was, but after much prayer and the love of my Heavenly Father comforting me, I am excited for this new transfer! I am determined to not get comfortable. I am determined to baptize. I am determined to be the best that I can be no matter where I am located. I trust that President Henderson is an inspired man of God and that Heavenly Father told him that I am needed in SunnyBank for at least six more weeks. I trust that this is the Lord's will. Sure I may only see a tiny tiny bit of Australia while I am here, but I did not come here to see all the wondrous things Australia has to offer. I came here to find the wonderful people who have not yet accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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