Thursday, December 19, 2013

Miracles on Sunny Bank Street

This has been a 10 day work week or nothing but good ol' hard yaka missionary work! That's the blessing you get when you have Temple P-day! But going to the temple is always worth a little sacrifice.
In this long week I have been spat on by a man, yelled at while tracting, told that what I am doing is a waste of time, and I narrowly dodged the careful aim of a sly bird who wanted to poop on my companions and me; and yet there is still a smile upon my face! Why you may ask? Because I am doing the best work I could be doing and at the blessed age of 19!
Sunny Bank has been quite dry lately because everyone is going back to China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan for the holidays. Not only are our investigators packing up and leaving for two months, but the bus stops have been extra sparse this week. However, we don't let little things like an empty bus stop get in the way, and the Lord sees our efforts and helps us out when we have done all we can.
We have been teaching a girl named Cathy, a ABC (Australian Born Chinese) who has very little Christian background, but a sincere desire to come closer to Christ. After our first lesson she texted us and asked, "Can I bring my sister to hear this message as well?" MIRACLE! So the next lesson Cathy brought her sister along and we taught them together. Cathy's sister, Lilian, is headed off to China for two weeks, and didn't want to carry the Book of Mormon with her so she asked if there was an online version. We happily showed her the LDS Library App. This was also a miracle because Cathy had been using her simplified Bible, but once we showed her the LDS library App, she downloaded that and now she has the King James Bible to reference things to. They are both so intent on learning the things we teach. They want to know for themselves if they are true. Cathy has been afraid to pray at the end of our lessons, but when we invited Lilian to pray she did it no problem, setting an example of just how easy it is to pray out loud to her older sister! It was beautiful.
Tony was going to be baptized yesterday, but it fell through because he broke the Word of Wisdom by drinking a cup of coffee. He was torn when he realized he wouldn't be able to be baptized before he went back home to Hong Kong for two weeks. However, it ended up being a miracle in disguise because now Tony understands what it feels like to be so close to baptism and then not have it. How is this a good thing? Well now he really is committed to live all the commandments so that once he returns he can be baptized as soon as possible. This tiny delay has installed a huge desire within him and a greater understanding of the importance of following the commandments of the Lord.

Inline image 1
It was hard to say goodbye, because before Tony returns, transfers will have occurred. I am pretty sure one of us is leaving because Sister Chen and I have been together for three months now. The last thing Tony said was, "I am sure who ever you teach will miss you." In his broken English. It about made my heart melt. I can't wait until he comes back from Hong Kong whether or not I am able to witness his baptism.

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We are happy to be serving the Lord in the Australia Brisbane Mission. I love my two companions and we have been working so hard. This picture is from today when we went to the temple early this morning. We were fasting as a Zone (area of missionaries) for all of our investigators to be able to accept baptism this month so that they can start the new year off clean in the eyes of our loving Heavenly Father.
May we all remember Christ this upcoming week as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. He is the reason for the season and He is the reason I am so happy despite the trials that come with being a missionary. I know that whatever we encounter in life has already been experienced by our Savior. He can help us feel peace and comfort and He will come again to bring us back to our Heavenly home.
Merry Christmas! I love you all!

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